About Carlyn


My paintings are informed by nature. The New England landscape has long been a source of inspiration for me. Summer and spring greens, the tapestry of gold, reds and browns in fall, the many whites and stark blacks of winter after a snow storm. However, lately my landscapes have taken on the warm palette of yellows, reds and browns of Tucson, Arizona. Visits to the desert have stimulated a new sensibility in my art work.


Printmaking for me is an experimental enterprise. I use imagery from a lifetime of making art—art from Egypt, art from toys, art from nature, art from my doodles. In 2018 I started making large scale woodcut prints without a press. I use a Japanese bamboo barren to hand press each print. It’s been challenging.


At 14 years old, I was given a simple set of pastels. Pastel has been the medium I return to again and again. These colored sticks are so unique, I use them to draw lines or smudge them with overlays to paint. Pastel creates a magic sense of atmospheric space, especially in landscape. For motifs, I often walk by the Charles River as it runs through the cities and towns where I live and work. 


Although I grew up in the Midwest, I have been a longtime resident of greater Boston. I am surrounded by artist friends and colleagues who have influenced and taught me new ways as an artist.

[Download PDF of my Resume]

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